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Appaulling 3 years ago
BLACK PATROL??? Some racist shit! I dont care that it's porn. This series of vids should be BANNED!
3 years ago
Racist Asf
DJ down syndrome 2 years ago
If it’s racist then why is she sucking and fucking a black dick
Spring break is done 2 years ago
It’s not racist, it’s very realistic, I work in law-enforcement and I am black and that it’s kind of an accurate situation. Now if it was real, the cops saying what they said wouldn’t of passed the test as far as being appropriate, but the young lady yelling was a little annoying, and it could’ve been handled a little bit better, but this is all fictional so have fun with it.
Ezmoney 3 years ago
Ya boy really looks like he run the street all night n day tno
2 years ago
What episode of cops is this
On the contrary 3 years ago
I love porn of white women with big asses forcing men with big black dicks into sex. I actually hope more gets made.
Arnold Morales 3 years ago
Nice ass
Pig 3 years ago
Racist bitch
Lil Wayne 3 years ago
Real Shit