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2 years ago
not my proudest wank
Yes 2 years ago
I think this is the first time I've ever said this, but... I want that girl's dick.
waht her name? 2 years ago
What hre name
Bum 2 years ago
She's trans
2 years ago
Nicole t, easy to find on here
Tranny surprise 2 years ago
I took this young Brazilian girl home from a bar in NYC. Reminds me of her. Best head I ever had but when I went to reciprocate she was fully erect. My first taste of cock and I was hooked. Came down my throat then I fucked her ass and came again inside her. We hooked up for the rest of the summer and she brought a friend too. My first ever 3some, I lost my anal virginity.
She has both!?!?!? 2 years ago
But she has a dick and boobs shit
Paul 2 years ago
She is perfect bigger than me so i would be her bottom bitch
Cocksucker 2 years ago
Sound aside, that's a beautiful cock!
2 years ago
I want her cock